Please note: These rules on this webpage take priority over any potential contradictions.

These rules must be taken to their intended sense. Attempts to circumvent them or find loopholes will not be tolerated. RadonMC staff have the final say regarding administrative decision, and reserve the right to take any action againt your account(s).

Universal Rules

These rules apply to anything related with the server, be it the website, the Minecraft Server, the forums or the discord.

General Rules

  1. Treat other players/members with respect.
  2. Staff decisions are final and must not be bargained with.
  3. Do not circumvent punishments.
  4. Do not abuse exploits on any platform.
  5. Any hostile action against the server, including but not limited to exploiting, cyber attacks and threatening, is not tolerated.

Minecraft Rules

Gameplay Rules

  1. Be nice to other players.
  2. Use of modified clients or any external programs are not permitted. Exemptions are listed below.
  3. Each player is allowed a maximum of 1 alt (total of 2 accounts per player).
  4. Do not cause lag on the server. This means that systems such as redstone clocks or TNT duplicators are not allowed.
  5. It is your duty to report bugs or exploits – do not use them for personal gain.
  6. Scamming, tp trapping, or otherwise tricking players is against the rules.

Chat Rules

  1. Do not harass other players.
  2. Do not spam the chat.
  3. Advertising, posting server IPs or posting links in the chat is not permitted.
  4. Excessive or gratuitous swearing is not permitted.

Discord Rules

Chat Rules

  1. Use common sense.
  2. Do not advertise other Discord servers, Minecraft servers, Youtube channels, etc.
  3. Please post messages in the appropriate channels (e.g. do not chat in the #suggestions channel).
  4. Do not post pornographic, gory, offensive or otherwise inappropriate content.
  5. Do not spam.
  6. Do not harass other members.
  7. Do not repeatedly spam staff for questions or other requests.

Voice Rules

  1. Treat other members with respect.
  2. No soundboards. loud music, or voice changers.

Rule specifications

Here you can see exact rule specifications, such as exactly which mods are allowed.

Mods and Programs

Mods that give you an edge ruin the fun for you and others on server. Programs like autoclickers or bots are also not allowed. However, we understand the convenience of an FPS overlay or the lag-reducing power of Optifine.
The specific programs and mods listed here are allowed on our servers.

  • Optifine (of course)
  • Shaders
  • Badlion Client
  • 5zig mod
  • Laby mod
  • Damage Indicators Mod
  • VR mods

The following programs are allowed, but have restrictions.

Mods like InventoryTweaks

These must not be used for advantageous functions like auto-soup or auto-armor. There are ways to disable this.

Replay mod

Must not be used for x-ray/freecam


Must not show entities, or topography such as cave systems.


Do not steal builds.

World Download

Must not be used for x-ray/freecam or stealing builds.