Other Guides


Shopkeepers are the main way you’ll be able to trade your items efficiently with other players. To set one up, you simply need to grab a villager spawn egg at the /shop area and right click on a chest with it. Then, you need to right click on the block you want your shopkeeper to stand on. This will create a trading shop.

To sell your items simply put the items you want to trade in the chest, and when you shift+right-click on the villager it will show up as one of the trades. You can then edit the amount you want to trade and what you want to trade the items for. To increase the amount of items you want to trade, left click on the item in the shopkeeper editor. Shift+right-click to increase by 10, and left-click/Shift+left-click to decrease the amount

You can also customize the appearance of the shopkeeper, by changing the name of the shopkeeper or the villager type.

Ranked players can also change the shopkeeper mob type, instead of having just a villager. To see more information on which mobs they have access to take a look at the rank privileges on the shop page


PvP is disabled in the Wilderness, it’s an SMP server. But if you’re really aching to rek some noobs there are two methods:

  • PvP Arena at spawn, head in with any loadout and fight anyone else is there. /warp pvp
  • Duels! Use /duel or /1v1 to challenge someone to a duel on our custom maps with custom kits.


In game cosmetics such as particle trails or similar cosmetics can be bought in bundles at the store.

Suffixes can be purchased our store. Suffixes show a special tag next to your name, and let you stand out in chat. You can select a suffix in the /fun menu, or directly use /suffix

You can also change the color of your name, by purchasing various colors on the store. To change your color, use /fun and then go to the “Colored Names” category.

Player Warps:

Player warps can be created in any player’s land. The default number of player warps is 1, while Iron rank players are allowed 2, Uranium rank players are allowed 3, and Plutonium rank players are allowed 5.

Use the /pwarp command for all the player warp sub-commands

Here are what each of them do:

/pwarp amount – Shows how many warps you have set and how many warps you are allowed.

/pwarp desc set/remove <warp> <desc> – Set a description for your warp

/pwarp list Shows a list of the warps you have set

/pwarp – Shows a list of all player warps

/pwarp <warp> – Warps you to a player warp

/pwarp icon set/remove <warp> – Allows you to set an icon for your warp

/pwarp lock <warp> – Locks your warp so other players cant use it

/pwarp open <warp> – Opens your warp so other players can use it

/pwarp rate <warp> <rating> – Rate another players warp

/pwarp reset <warp> – Move the location of a warp

/pwarp rename <warp> – Rename a warp

/pwarp set <warp> – Will set a warp at your location.

/pwarp setowner <warp> <player> – Give ownership of a warp to another player