Land claiming guide

This server uses an advanced land-claiming function, with many features to give the player as many options as possible. This plugin may be confusing at first, and this guide will cover all the features of the plugin and how to use them effectively.

1. Claiming land

The first step is to claim land. After doing this you can manage permissions and other settings to your liking. A normal player can claim up to 24 chunks of land anywhere outside the 150×150 block spawn area. The maximum chunks you can claim goes up for players with ranks. Iron rank players are allowed up to 40 chunks of land, Uranium rank players are allowed up to 75 chunks of land, and Plutonium rank players are allowed up to 100 chunks of land.

To access the lands menu type /lands or /l in chat. This will bring up a menu that shows an overview of all the lands options and settings you can toggle. In this menu you will find a earth icon If you click on this icon it will take you to the areas menu where you can create and manage your lands. A land is a group where all your land claims belong to. To create a land, execute the command /l create <name>. You will only get one land. Creating a land will automatically give you one chunk of land; the chunk you were standing in when you created it.

Once you have created a land, you can add claims to that land by running the command /l claim. This will claim the chunk you are standing in. You can also claim land using  /l selection. Upon running this command, it will allow you to select 2 corners of your land area; left click on a block for the first corner and right click for the second.

NOTE: each chunk your selection is in will be counted as a full chunk, so select your land wisely!

Once you have selected your area you can claim it with /l claim. You can also assign your land to areas, which can be viewed in the “Areas” part of the menu. To do this select an area with /l selection, and then assign this land to the area with /l selection assign <areaname>

To unclaim land go into the chunk you want to unclaim and run the command /l unclaim. To unclaim an entire area go into/l menu and under the “Areas” section, you will find a “delete area” button with a red x icon. Click on this icon and then type the name of the land you wish to remove in chat.

You can rename your land in under the “Various” section, and also add a title, which will display when a player enters your land.

2. Land invitations and trusting players

To trust players to your land, use /l menu and go into the “Trust Players” section. In there you will find a green tick icon. Click on this icon and then type the name of the player you wish to trust. This will then send them an invite. If they accept, you will be able to manage their role.

When a player joins your land, they will be given the default role of Member. This allows them to build/place in your land. If you promote them to Admin, they will be able to invite players and manage the land as well. You can also invite them by using the command /l invite <playername>

To accept an invite type /l accept <playername>