Crates & Enchantments


To use a crate key simply click on the corresponding chest with they key in your inventory. It will then roll a crate.

  • Vote crate: You can obtain one key per website you vote on. Use
  • Legendary crates: Obtained through the online store. Use /buy for more info or take a look at the Store.
  • Enchantment Crates: See below


Enchantments can be obtained through three different crates, each containing different levels of enchantments.

Each crate contains the following:

Enchantment crate:

Speed I, Catch I, Defender I, Evade I, Ignition I, Jump I, Lifesteal I, Multishot I, Paralyze I, Wither I, Slow I, Slow II, Renewal I, Renewal II, Poison I, Poison II, Blind I

Keys for this crate can be obtained through the daily vote crate.

Epic Enchantment Crate:

Blazingtouch I, Blind II, Blind III, Cook I, Catch II, Catch III, Defender II, Evade II, Fury I, Haste I, Ignition II, Jump II, Lifesteal II, Lifesteal III, Multishot II, Paralyze II, Poison III, Replenish I, Resistance I, Resistance II, Rocket I, Slow III, Speed II, Strength I, Telekinesis I, Visionary I, Wither II

Keys for this crate can be obtained through the in-game shop.

Ultra Enchantment Crate:

Aquatic I, Evade III, Fury II, Flare I, Hate II, Haste III, Jellylegs I, Jump III, Multishot III, Netherskin I, Paralyze III, Rejuvination I, Replenish II, Resistance III, Speed III, Strength II, Thunderousblow I, Wither III

Keys for this crate can be obtained through the legendary crate, the donator shop, or as part of a donator kit.

When viewed in your inventory or in a crate, each enchantment will have a description describing the effects it has and what it does, which can be seen by hovering over the item.

To use these items, simply right click on then while holding them in your hand. This will open a menu showing all the available tools/weapons/armor pieces in your inventory on which it can be used on. Click on the tool/weapon/armor piece you want to enchant and the enchantment will be applied to it.