RadonMC BETA Release!

Today we are proud to present the beta release of our new server, RadonMC! RadonMC is an SMP server, filled with custom features like custom enchantments, custom terrain generation and more!

Along with the minecraft server, we are releasing forums in order to facilitate communication between players, and allow a medium for effective bug and player reports.

We are in beta, meaning that while the server should work well and provide a full SMP experience, we cannot guarantee the absence of bugs and exploits. Therefore, we rely on you to help us get everything sorted and reach the final release!

Please, if you find a bug or something wrong with the server, inform staff on the Discord or in the Forums.

Server IP: play.radonmc.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/D8yvAZb
Forums: forums.radonmc.com

We wish you a fun experience and hope to fully release as soon as possible!